Why Choose Us
Quality Assurance
  • We continuously revise our quality assurance and quality control manual to meet the requirements of our clients, applicable codes, specifications and standards.
  • Our Quality Staff recognize our responsibilities ti support and ensure compliance with policies, procedures and practices.

Documentation & Inspection

We provide records for all quality control inspections and other functions performed as well as on-site inspection and surveillance to assure compliance with all applicable codes, procedures, specifications and standard practices

Quality Staffing

Specific and responsibilities are contained in job description to ensure sufficiency and efficiency in organizational framework. Apart from improving reporting relationships, we ensure correct and on time responsiveness and implementation of practices in both operations and administrative departments.

Client Partnership

Affordable pricing and cost consciousness is an area that is well explored as we liaise with the client to achieve quality deliveries and effective monitoring of all processes at the lowest cost possible. Our 24/7 customer care desk ensures the client is kept on speed, timely and efficient follow-up actions taken.